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This information is adapted from an article in MAM’s May 2012 Newsletter entitled “New Website How-To.” 

Adding and perfecting your profile on MAM’s website will not only help MAM to do all that we do for the museum/archive community, it can also be a useful publicity tool for you. If you don’t have your own website, your profile on MAM’s site can serve that purpose. Did you know that a huge percentage of our website users come to our site through, the site hosted by the Maine Office of Tourism? They’re looking for you; you just need to be sure that you are there for them to find! Here's how it works:

  • Are you an up-do-date member of MAM, and have you provided a working e-mail address as part of your contact info? Then you should have received an e-mail with a username (probably your e-mail address) and password that you can use to log in to your site. If you didn’t get this info or have lost it, just contact MAM at (207) 400-6965 or for help.
  • Now, go to MAM’s website ( and look in the upper right corner for two white rectangles that say “E-mail” and “Password.” Enter your info and then click “Login.” You’re in!
  • You should now see your own name in the upper right corner. Two lines underneath, you can click “Change Password” if you want to change your password from something that’s hard to remember, like ao#972q&47u, to something that’s easy to remember, like IheartMAM.
  • Right above  that, you’ll see the words “View Profile.” Click through, and you’ll see all your info as it is currently in our database: this is the info that will appear to other MAM members when they search for you in our directory. You’ll notice, as you scroll down, that some information is separated out into “For the General Public” categories: that’s the only info (in addition to your institution’s name) that non-MAM members will see. If it all looks fantastic, then fantastic! If not, click the gray button over on the far left of your screen that says “Edit Profile.”
  • Here’s where it gets fun! Start with your basic contact info--this should be for whomever will be responsible for updating info on the site, making payments, etc. Remember, the info under “Contact Information” will be visible to MAM members, but not the general public. See the illustration to the right for an example.
  • Scroll on down to the pink bar that says “Public Information.” That’s just what it sounds like: public. So this section is for information you want the whole world to know about! Your county, which will help tourists to find you on our site, your general phone number, your info@ e-mail address (or the equivalent), a brief description of your institution or services, and then  Business and Institutional Members can select from a list of categories about their areas of specialty (the lists are different for different kinds of members). Finally, you can enter up to three additional e-mails for staff or volunteers (or trustees) that you’d like to receive e-mails from MAM.
  • Click “Save,” and you’re done! Go check out how your listing looks under the “Find a Museum/Archive” tab, or in the directory under the “Members Only” tab. If anything is not quite right, just repeat the steps above until you’ve got it perfect.
  • WAIT! One more thing. Under “View Profile,” you can also click on “Privacy” to customize what others can and can’t see, and you can also click on “Member Photo Albums” to add pictures. Need help with any of that? Just send an e-mail to and we are at your service!

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