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Global Archivist LLC

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P.O. Box 804
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Boothbay Harbor
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Maine county
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Global Archivist LLC specializes in working with creators and curators for Digital Archives and Records Services, Digital Object Sustainability and Preservation, and Coaching and Training for Digital Curation & Preservation. The Principals at Global Archivist LLC are Kari R. Smith and Dr. Nancy Y McGovern. We bring over 20 years of experience to our projects. Our services include assessing content for evidential, informational and historical value; addressing retention and disposition requirements for records; ensuring long-term access to digital content; developing strategies to identify and mitigate risks; defining and implementing workflows to sustain digital content; and enabling access through metadata and rights management.
Service provider category
  • Public/Educational Programs
  • Digital Services/Archiving
  • Professional Development
  • Appraisal Services/Assessment of Collections

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